Dr. Alexander Furgeri

Group Magnet & Magnetic-systems Expert JL Mag

Dr. Alexander Furgeri comes from a background in High Energy Physics, where he first got introduced to the field of magnetics. Later, he made the switch to a major German Company, where he worked his way up to become a Magnet Expert for the entire Concern. He has gathered a lot of experience in the fields of Motor Topology Design, NVH, Design for Reliability and Requirements Engineering. Since joining JLMAG he has helped many OEMs and First Tiers in Renewable Energy, Automotive, 3C and Automation make optimizations to their Application Design and Material choices, resulting in overall better performance Technically and/or Economically.

Dr. Furgeri is also involved as an Expert in the IEC 068, which governs the Measurement Standards for Magnetic Materials that are instrumental for Apple-to-Apple comparisons. Dr. Furgeri is in charge for improving these standards for Hard Magnetic Materials, which is particularly challenging under elevated temperatures.

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