Ed Van Schaik

Product Application Specialist Power Shell

Ed van Schaik is a Product Application Specialist within Shell Downstream International Services and responsible to maintain technical relationships with leading Transformer manufacturers, Grid Companies and Laboratories & Technical Institutes in order to obtain product performance feed-back, support field trials, capture future requirements, drive co-engineering projects and product development.

Ed is member of CIGRE and IEC/TC10/NEC10 (committee for electrical oils), and active as technical expert in the IEC/TC10/MT38 & MT22 group for the revision of the IEC60296 & IEC60422.

Ed is based in Rotterdam and joined Shell in 2002 as Technical Advisor with focus area Power, and he is technical expert in Electrical insulating oils, Turbine and Compressor oils. Mid 90’s, he started his career in oil filtration and oil condition monitoring (PALL filtration solution).

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