Gianmarco Pisanelli

Tech Lead- Novel Robotics Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) Factory

Gianmarco Pisanelli is the Technical Lead for Novel Robotics within the AMRC’s Integrated Manufacturing Group. He was awarded an MEng (Hons) in Mechatronic and Robotic Engineering at the University of Sheffield. He has previously conducted research on intuitive interfaces for Human-Robot Interaction applications. He worked alongside audio-visual artist Mark Fell to develop an interactive robotics art installation for the Festival of the Mind 2018. He has also collaborated with Sheffield Robotics to develop choreographic performances with robotic swarms for public events.

Gianmarco currently works with the Future Electrical Machines Manufacturing (FEMM) Hub and is developing a Robotic Coil Winding Cell for flexible manufacturing of high-end electrical machines. He also closely collaborates with the ROS-Industrial Consortium to support the use of the Robot Operating System in Industry. He is the Chair of the Knowledge Exchange Working Group whose aim is to aid the push of academic research towards the higher end of the TRL scale. Gianmarco was awarded the UK-RAS Community Award in 2021 for “excellent community-building activities in the RAS Community and beyond”.

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