Michael Sheppard

Chief Executive Officer Power Technology Research (PTR)

Mike is the Chairman and CEO of Power Technology Research Inc. (PTR). In 2016, he left IHS Markit to co-found a company to address a lack of in-depth market research on the power grid. Since then, he has overseen the growth of the company from 3 founders to 50 employees across US, Germany, Japan, and Pakistan.

Mike is an expert on the PV industry and has performed numerous competitive dynamics and opportunity assessment projects, covering upstream, downstream and supply chain aspects. Prior to founding PTR in 2016, Mike spent 8 years with iSuppli/IHS Markit where he covered a broad range of sectors including mobile, renewable power, and electricity transmission and distribution (T&D) while managing the power & energy technology consulting practice.

Mike has a background in both Financial Services and in Corporate Finance from San Francisco State University

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