The Global Coil Winding And Electrical Manufacturing Event

IZO-ERG sp.zo.o

Stand: 32D40
  • Intermediate, Semi-Finished Products

For over 78 years, IZO-ERG has been a manufacturer of electroinsulating and technical laminates made of thermosetting plastics in form of: sheets, pipes, rods, and also flexible electroinsulating materials and mica insulation. The company specializes in paper-phenolic laminates, cotton-phenolic laminates, and glass-epoxy laminates.
Products and services:

  • industrial laminates: sheets, round tubes and rods
  • flexible electroinsulation materials
  • impregnated materials - prepregs
  • heater & commutator micanite
  • mica tapes
  • high voltage condenser bushings
  • pressed bearings
  • machined components
  • tests in our own laboratory

Since 1991, the company has been improving its position in the European and global markets continuously and consistently. Currently, IZO-ERG's products are present on four continents and in over 30 European countries. Cooperation with the greatest mobilizes us to continually improve and modernize existing products and implement new products to deliver high-quality services and products. IZO-ERG is a leader in the European market regarding glass-epoxy laminates resistant to temperatures over 220°C. The high quality of our products is confirmed by awards, honorable notices, certificates, and also by fulfilling European and global standards such as EN, IEC, DIN, NEMA, and JIS.

Gliwice, Poland