Meet the suppliers you want to meet quickly and easily!


It’s where business gets done! Connect @ CWIEME helps the CWIEME Berlin community connect and collaborate via high value meetings.

You’ll meet relevant new people, source new technologies, solutions and products and create critical new opportunities in an incredibly efficient and effective way. Best of all, Engineers, Procurement and R&D professionals can participate at no cost.

Connect @ CWIEME Berlin will connect 750+ Engineering, Procurement and R&D participants with 350+ components, raw material and process machinery suppliers for 5,000+ high value meetings onsite at CWIEME Berlin 2024.

All meetings are double-opt in (both sides want to meet each other) and are scheduled based on your individual availability.

Engineering, Procurement and R&D attendees join Connect @ CWIEME to:

  • Participate in as many double opt-in 15-minute speed date meetings as you’d like, up to 16 – limited only by your availability and mutual interest
  • Enjoy access to an exclusive Connect @ CWIEME lounge where you can rest, recharge and enjoy complimentary refreshments  

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Testimonials from participants of our pilot Meet the Engineer at CWIEME Berlin 2022
It is an interesting format to get in contact with suppliers. You have a dedicated area, it’s a nice way of interacting. I get to know companies in the sector that I didn’t know about and find out about new developments.
Lead E-motor Engineer Silk-FAW
I joined to meet several suppliers over a short period of time to avoid running through all the halls. During the meetings we got some leads and information of high interest.
Procurement Manager EVR Motors
You get the right person at the right time
Managing Director Tyree Transformer
I would do it again. It was a nice atmosphere, everything worked perfectly.
Chief Technology and Procurement Officer Isolet
You have a one-on-one contact, you can ask direct questions, you can think about what you are going to discuss and that’s very valuable.
Consultant Enexis
It’s beneficial to have one-on-one meetings with suppliers. I am attending this event to follow up with new trends.
Electrical Engineer Siemens Gamesa

Connect @ CWIEME is powered by a leading meetings tech company that developed and operates the largest meetings programmes for retail and fintech events in the US.

Why join?

Connect @ CWIEME is the best way for Engineering, Procurement and R&D attendees to:

  • Use your time at CWIEME Berlin 2023 in the most efficient way possible – meet the components, raw material and process machinery suppliers who you want to meet quickly and easily
  • Discover the products, services and solutions that can meet your specific project needs and accelerate your timelines
  • View the latest products and new technology launches, announcements and news from the electrical engineering industry

Download the brochure


Who should join?

Every Engineering, Procurement or R&D Professional with influence over (or responsibility for) buying decisions should join Connect @ CWIEME. 

There’s no minimum budget requirement, and no minimum meetings requirement–you simply schedule the double opt-in meetings with the suppliers that you want to meet.

Here’s more detail on who’s joining Connect @ CWIEME:

  • Job functions
    • Design Engineering
    • Technical Engineering
    • Product Design
    • Procurement
    • General Management
    • Research & Development
  • End industries
    • Automotive
    • Transformer Manufacturing & Maintenance
    • Motor Manufacturing & Maintenance
    • Electrical & Electronics Manufacturing
    • E-Mobility
    • Coil Manufacturing
    • Generator Manufacturing & Maintenance
    • Aerospace & Aviation
    • Utilities
    • Medical Equipment Manufacturing
    • Defence

Not sure if Connect @ CWIEME is for you? Contact us at [email protected] and we can help.

Who will you meet?

You’ll meet everyone you need to meet! 350+ suppliers to the global coil winding, transformer, electric motor, generator and e-mobility industries are joining Connect @ CWIEME, including startups and established providers of:

  • Electronic & Electrical Components
  • Electric Powertrain Components
  • Electromechanical Components
  • Adhesives Resins & Coatings
  • Insulation & Shielding Materials
  • Intermediate Semi-finished Products & Materials
  • IT & Software
  • Adhesives Resins & Coatings
  • Motor Components & Accessories
  • Quality, Test & Measurement Solutions & Services
  • Transformer Components & Accessories
  • Winding Systems & Supplies

What’s next?

To join Connect @ CWIEME, you'll need to get a ticket for CWIEME Berlin 2024. Visitor tickets will be live later in the year, register your interest so that you're the first to know once they're available.

Register your interest

Once you've got your ticket you'll need to complete your Meetings Profile - we’ll email you when it’s time to do this.

Once you complete your Meetings Profile, you (and 750+ other buyers) will follow a simple process in the 4 weeks preceding CWIEME Berlin to schedule your meetings. Then, simply attend your meetings when you’re onsite! It’s that easy!

And don’t worry, your meetings are scheduled based on your individual availability, and won’t clash with any speakers or content.

Get your ticket, complete your profile and tell us your availability

Select individuals from suppliers you want to meet and opt-in to meeting requests you receive

Accept your meetings

23-25 May, 2023 - It’s time to Connect @ CWIEME and attend your meetings

*Testimonials from participants of our pilot Meet the Engineer at CWIEME Berlin 2022