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Women in Engineering

Introducing Women in Engineering at CWIEME

At CWIEME Berlin, our Women in Engineering initiative is vital to the progress of our industry.

We want to provide a platform for dialogue, raise awareness and support the industry's efforts to create more inclusive and equitable workplaces for employees. As an industry, there is more we can do, and as an event we know that it is important to encourage and include all those who work within our important global value chain.

Why have we launched WEC?

The challenges

The challenges faced by women in engineering are multifaceted, ranging from gender bias and underrepresentation to work-life balance conflicts with societal norms.

A silver lining

Despite these hurdles, the proportion of women engineers in the UK has risen from 10.5% in 2010 to 16.5% in 2021, and similar trends are observed in the US, particularly in environmental engineering.  

There's more to do

Our networking opportunities celebrate the brilliance of diversity, encouraging connections that transcend barriers, all while addressing the critical question: How can we build a more balanced and fair environment for all engineers, regardless of gender? 

Women in Engineering Overview

With this initiative launched in 2024, CWIEME Berlin wants to provide a platform for dialogue, create awareness and support the industry efforts to create more inclusive and equitable workplaces for employees. Attendees gained valuable insights from industry leaders and built connections during productive networking sessions.  

Fireside Chat

The agenda features a Fireside Chat focused on cultural diversity and global collaboration. This conversation explores the importance of cultural diversity and cross- cultural collaboration in driving innovation and success.


The event also includes networking segments. "Welcome Coffee" planned to connect, inspire and empower the women in engineering, and "Celebrating the Brilliance", designed to foster connections and honor the diversity among attendees.

Panel Discussions

These sessions will dive deep how to foster and encourage more diversity in the workplace and on the crucial role of building allyship and advocacy. The participants will share personal stories and offer practical tips supporting colleagues from diverse backgrounds.

WiPE Interviews

Transformers Magazine and CWIEME are working together on a new format of the Women in Power Engineering programme.

In this series of live sessions, we'll be interviewing prominent women at the academy, designed to support women in our industry through scholarships for education at the Transformers Academy. 

This initiative is a core value of our project and we're enthusiastic about making a positive impact together.

Interview with COMEM Group

Watch here the interview

Interview with CARGILL

Watch here the interview

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