The Global Coil Winding And Electrical Manufacturing Event

Ningbo Boya Poly Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.

Stand: 62A50
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NINGBO BOYA POLY ADVANCED MATERIALS CO., LTD. focuses on polyimide, the key material in the fields of flexible electronics and new energy. We successfully develop various new polyimide formulation systems and achieve scale production of polyimide varnish and film. In the field of flexible electronics, we produce various colorless transparent polyimide varnish and films,providing customers with high-quality products and technical services. In the field of electric vehicles , we are dedicated to the development of high-performance polyimide with exceptional high temperature resistance and insulation properties ,aiming to provide technical solutions for motor characteristic and security in electric vehicles. We have a core R&D team from Peking University, with over ten years of experience in the field of polymer materials research and development. We will launch polyimide products that meet market demand by using our independently developed new monomers, unique blend copolymerization technology and new cross-linking strategy. Our company have passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications, with reliable production processes and stable product quality. We are committed to promoting the commercial applications of key materials and the independent control of industrial chain and core technologies, and providing support for the vigorous development of advanced materials industry.
Ningbo, China