The Global Coil Winding And Electrical Manufacturing Event

SEF SARIM San ve Tic Ltd Sti

Stand: 32A26
  • Winding Systems & Supplies

As a solution partner Şef Sarım has been providing its services for international customers for 42 years of expertise from repair, maintenance, overhaul and coil production capabilities.
Our expertise comes from Şef Sarım’s customers from different industries with a variety range of AC motors, DC motors, alternators and generators.

With our skilled personnel and engineering teams, Şef Sarım aims for excellence throughout its business ensuring fast delivery times to minimize down time for our customers.

At our factory located in Balıkesir, Turkey, Şef Sarım is capable to manufacture its customers’ coil needs and provides winding services for a wide range of AC/DC applications. With premium quality and one of the best lead times in the industry, we manufacture stator, rotor, armature and field coils for all types of motors and generators up to 15kV.

With 42 years multi-industry experience, we offer:

Manufacturing premium high voltage coils and winding kits
Professional technical support by specialists and engineers
Computer aided design, performance upgrade and reverse engineering capabilities

Balikesir, Türkiye