EASA European & World Chapter, Region 9

The Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) has become the largest professional association in the world in motors/generators systems repair and maintenance. With over 1,800 electromechanical sales and service firms in nearly 80 countries, EASA provides members with a very active/unique network. EASA European and World Chapter (Region 9) represents firms based in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Our mission is to help members enhance their performance and achieve greater levels of success through education, information, technical supports and networking opportunities.

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The International Copper Association (ICA) is the leading advocate for the copper industry. We are a nonprofit organization bringing together the copper industry and its partners to make a positive contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and support markets for copper.

The Copper Alliance® represents an international network of copper interests, led by ICA. ICA, along with our Copper Alliance® partners, connects the upstream (mining and smelting/refining) and downstream (fabricating) parts of the copper value chain. We provide a common platform for the copper industry to advocate for our shared interests with policy makers, regulators and other key stakeholders (e.g., the United Nations, NGOs, etc.).

ICA has six key programmes, among which the Clean Energy Transition programme, which deals with energy and material efficient electrical equipment, such as motors and transformers. Other areas of activity in this programme include renewable energy, transmission and distribution of power and electric mobility.


PSPA-Polish Alternative Fuels Association

PSPA is one of the largest new mobility associations in Europe with over 200 members and 70 partnerships all within the zero emission road transport value chain. The membership portfolio includes companies from the automotive, charging infrastructure, lithium-ion battery, financial, oil&gas, energy, retail, logistic and heavy-duty transport sector. The organization has partners including over 50 Polish cities, academic institutions, embassies, R&D institutes and others. PSPA implements an average of over 50 various projects every year, running the largest campaigns and organizing the largest sustainable transport event in the Central Eastern European region – the New Mobility Congress.

PSPA’s goal is to foster zero emission road transport and e-mobility in Poland and the CEE. To this end, the Organization leads, along with SEVA, the CEE Green Transport Initiative which is an advocacy platform focused on brining the voice of the region to the discussion on key EU policies related to the decarbonization of road transport, with a particular focus on the Fit for 55 legislative package (AFIR, EPBD, RED III, CO2 standards). PSPA is also a proud member of AVERE and supports the activity of international NGO’s in the pursuit of clean transport.



The global Rare Earth Industry Association (REIA) was founded in 2019 - with the support of the EU commission, as a non-profit organization representing the Rare Earth industry worldwide and run by a diverse, multicultural, and experienced Board of Directors.

As the only global rare earth industry association, and with a strong and balanced stakeholder network, REIA is dedicated to:

  • Improving the knowledge of Rare Earth Elements as critical enablers of advanced technologies
  • Supporting the development of sustainable, responsible, and collaborative value chains, from mining to recycling
  • Creating transparency and certification of products and processes for the REE Industry.

REIA already counts 48 active members from around the world representing key industry stakeholders, large and medium-sized companies, policy makers, research institutes, academics, and government bodies. We bridge the gap between the different stakeholders and connect industry with consumers, upstream with downstream. We also work alongside national and regional partners around the world.
We provide a platform where our members and partners can network and benchmark; make their voice heard; find potential suppliers/clients; access and share data, information, and best practices; gain visibility and highlight their engagement towards a more sustainable supply chain.


The Women's Engineering Society is a charity and professional network of women engineers, scientists and technologists offering inspiration, support and professional development. WES’ vision is of an engineering industry that employs the diversity of the society it serves to solve the biggest societal issues of our time, and WES’ mission is to support women in engineering to fulfil their potential and support the engineering industry to be inclusive. WES was founded on 23 June 1919 by an influential committee drawn from the National Council of Women, to resist pressure to leave engineering jobs when men returned from the forces and to promote engineering as a rewarding job for women. WES organises International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) on its birthday every year, a global celebration of females in engineering. 


Women in Power Systems (WPS) is a community that advocates for women in all power systems roles, facilitates their connections, celebrates their successes and helps them achieve a balance between their professional and private life.

WPS is founded by women for everyone in the power industry, bringing together people of different backgrounds, professions and positions.

Our goals are inspiring and empowering girls and women to look at career opportunities in the power industry, creating connections and showing individuals, companies and organizations the benefits of giving equal opportunities to women in power industry roles of their choice.

Our vision is a power industry where equity and fruitful collaboration come natural and an organization such as ours is no longer necessary.

WPS is supported by sponsor companies that promote diversity, equity and inclusion in the power industry.

WPS media partners include CWIEME, Energy Central, Electricity forum, Electric Power Reliability Alliance (EPRA), Transformer Technology and Women of Powerline Technicians, with the combined reach of more than 100,000 power industry professionals.

ZVEI is one of the most important industrial associations in Germany. It represents the interests of a high-tech sector with a very wide and extremely dynamic product portfolio.

ZVEI is committed to the common interests of the electrical industry in Germany and at international level. This commitment is supported by the involvement of around 160 employees in the main office and about 5,000 employees of member companies in an honorary capacity.

The basis of the association's work is the exchange of experience and views between the members about current technical, economic, legal and socio-political topics in the field of the electrical industry.

With proposals on research, technology, environmental protection, education, and science policy, ZVEI is a pacemaker of technological progress. It supports market-related international standardisation of work.

Over 1,600 companies have opted for membership of ZVEI. They employ around 90 percent of the employees and staff of the electrical industry in Germany. Its members include global players, medium-sized and family-owned companies.  

The sector has 873,000 employees in Germany plus more than 790,000 employees over the world. In 2020 the turnover was approximately Euro 180 billion.