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Future Engineers Programme

Join the Future Engineers Programme!

We're partnering with universities and institutions to develop the Future Engineers Programme as part of CWIEME Berlin 2025. 

The goal is to create a programme to bridge the talent gap, attract new talent to the industry, and give them exposure to the career opportunities available.

It will bring together faculty and students, where participants will not only leave with a deeper understanding of the industry, but also with a network, practical skills and inspiration for future innovations.

Inspire and empower the next generation of engineers and innovators!

The Programme's Purpose

  • Provide inspiration: showcasing the endless possibilities and the role engineers play in shaping the future.
  • Exchange knowledge: facilitate a dynamic exchange of ideas through innovative sessions.
  • Develop skills: equip future engineers with the knowledge needed to thrive in the CWIEME landscape.
  • Encourage cutting edge thinking: future engineers will envision the role of engineering in addressing global challenges.
  • Facilitate networking: provide a space for students to network with industry professionals and get to know them personally.
  • Provide career and mentor opportunities: students hear about the opportunities available to them within the CWIEME industries.

Why should you participate?

Providing Students and Faculty members exposure and insights into the latest innovations, technologies, and advancements within the CWIEME industries worldwide.

Career Opportunities

This programme provides students with access to tangible, post-university career opportunities.

Job Vacancies Platform

Access to a student vacancies platform for recruitment opportunities from our exhibitors & visitors.

Meet Industry Professionals

Build relationships in the industry, expand your network and stay up to date on the latest innovations in the CWIEME industries.

Transformers Academy Course

Selected students have the chance to attend a course sponsored by us at the Transformers Academy.*

*to be decided jointly by CWIEME and the institution

Future Engineers Programme Overview

Industry Mentoring

A day in the life of a CWIEME professional sharing their career path with students to help build skills and provide guidance through discussions and practical exercises.

Professional Career Panel

Engineering, procurement, components, raw materials and process machinery professionals will provide insight into the key trends shaping the industry and what to expect moving forward.

Sustainability Session

Industry experts will come together to discuss how future engineers can contribute to building a greener future and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Transformers Courses

Transformers Academy offers study programmes on the Transformers sector and will discuss the courses available for students.

Industry Meet and Greet

We will host a session to provide students the opportunity to engage in a dialogue with industry experts from different fields. 

Expert Guided Tours

CWIEME professionals will host a tour around the exhibition for students, providing insights and stopping to speak to exhibitors to discuss opportunities.

Our 2024 Future Engineer Programme Partners

How can Universities partner with us?

Share your insights to assist CWIEME in identifying what students are looking for, and how we can create a programme that enhances what your students are learning and can bring them greatest value.

Encourage students to participate in the CWIEME FUTURE ENGINEERS programme by sharing marketing materials, offering credit points for attending, or any other incentive considered by the partner institution.