The Global Coil Winding And Electrical Manufacturing Event

Elektro-Isola A/S

Stand: 12F30
  • Insulation & Shielding Materials

Part of the future since 1921

Since 1921, Elektro-Isola A/S has been producing and refining some of the best composite materials in the world. Today, our components make up a crucial part of the machinery in wind turbines, transformers, body scanners, the aviation and space industry, particle accelerators, e-mobility and other high-tech functions in global society.

But we can also make an e-scooter or an excavator arm move unhindered. Or we can help a bunch of innovative engineers with the prototype intended to make their vision come true. We are more than happy to accept professional challenges of the kind that nudges development and future in the right direction. In fact, the exciting thing about our composite materials is all the opportunities ahead of us. Perhaps you can spot them yourself. If not, we can look for them together. We are more than 150 specialised and experienced employees here at our family-owned factory in Vejle, and every year we deliver outstanding solutions to a large number of extremely satisfied customers. So we know what we are doing. We know how products and processes can be optimised. And we know that dedication is the basis for a perfect result.


Dedication in Composites

Vejle, Denmark