The Global Coil Winding And Electrical Manufacturing Event

ERKO sp. z o.o.

Stand: 42F38
  • Motor Components & Accessories

ERKO is one of the main suppliers in the electrotechnical industry. The dynamic development of our company and the segmentation of the market have led to the formation of three product areas in the structure of the company: ELECTRO, AERO, ROBOTICS.

Our portfolio includes a wide range of electrotechnical equipment, many innovative solutions, tools, and devices. We have patented SHARK® connection technology for connecting round and profiled copper and aluminum winding wires in motors and oil transformers, as well as PIRANIA - a new generation of shear-off screw connectors and terminals.

ERKO catalogue includes also a wide range of busbar processing equipment, wchich enables precise cutting, bending, hole punching, inserting nuts and offsetting.

Jonkowo, Poland