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Explore the forefront of technological innovation at the Country Pavilions

Explore the vibrant world of electrical innovation at CWIEME Berlin's Country Pavilions! These special areas within the exhibition showcase the best and brightest from various nations in the field of electrical engineering. From cutting-edge technologies to groundbreaking advancements in coil winding, transformers, electric motors, generators, and e-mobility, each pavilion offers a unique glimpse into the expertise and innovation of its respective country.


Diverse Insights

Gain unique perspectives on the industry's global landscape, as different countries bring their unique expertise to the forefront. Be among the first to witness breakthrough technologies, pioneering research, and avant-garde products that could shape industries for years to come.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with thought leaders, innovators, and professionals from around the world. Exchange ideas, forge partnerships, and tap into a global network of experts to stay informed about the latest developments and trends in the field.

Market Intelligence

Understand regional trends, market demands, and emerging opportunities specific to different parts of the world. Access valuable market intelligence and insights that can inform strategic decision-making and help you stay ahead of the competition in an ever-evolving global marketplace.

This year's pavilions

This year, we were proud to announce the addition of the Indian, Czech Republic, and Latvian Pavilions, enriching the diversity and depth of insights at CWIEME Berlin. 


Latvia impressed visitors with its focus on smart grid solutions. Their pavilion showcased advancements in areas like intelligent energy distribution and management systems, paving the way for a more reliable and efficient electrical grid. 


India's pavilion showcased cutting-edge advancements in power electronics, attracting interest from attendees seeking efficient energy solutions. Visitors discovered innovative products like next-generation transformers with improved efficiency and smart grid technologies for a more sustainable future.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic pavilion highlighted its strengths in industrial automation. Attendees explored groundbreaking robotics and control systems designed to optimise production lines and revolutionise manufacturing processes within the electrical engineering sector.

Explore the vibrant world of electrical innovation

Whether you're a seasoned industry professional, a dedicated researcher, or simply an enthusiast, the Country Pavilions promise an exciting and informative experience for all. Join us at CWIEME Berlin to discover the future of electrification from around the globe!

“India has the potential to serve the global market. So, we also want to expand our presence here. When a customer is growing, he's looking for a partner who can grow with him”

Sanchita Bhalwankar, Managing Director, Twin Engineers Pat Ltd

“We met all the transformer manufacturer who may exhibit, most of them have come as a visitor here. And so, it's important for us to be here in Europe to meet all of them. We had a really and a very successful show”

Subramanian Nagarajan, DGM-Marketing, Onload Gears Private Ltd

“"[CWIEME] I think is like the Bible exhibition of this industry. It is the biggest and people from all around the world, come and visit this place. The presence here is... we can't do without it I think.””

Sameer Agarwal, Managing Director, G.K. Winding Wires Limited

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