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The Call for Papers deadline was Friday the 10th of November. If you have any questions or need further information about speaking at CWIEME Berlin please contact Alexandra Martins [email protected]

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CWIEME Berlin is the place where engineers, purchase managers and CEO's spark conversations and find the components, raw materials, and process machinery to produce the next generation of electric cars, household appliances, beauty technology up to delivery drones - to name but few!


The largest gathering of the electrical engineering community

Bringing together all elements of the global coil winding, transformer, electric motor, generator and e-mobility supply chain for valuable networking and insightful information sharing amongst your customers, colleagues and peers – CWIEME Berlin is the place to be in May 2024! 

The CWIEME Berlin Advisory Board

Content of the highest standard

To ensure the content at our events is of the highest standard and informed, by the industry, for the industry, CWIEME has appointed an Advisory Board consisting of well-respected and highly knowledgeable individuals who provide valuable industry insight and advice, supporting the on-going development and growth of CWIEME global events. 

Representing the entire supply chain

Our aim is to have representation from across the supply chain on our boards, which we feel is key to ensuring we cover the depth and breadth of issues and opportunities facing the industry.


Discover the Advisory Board

You are now invited to submit one or two original papers for this conference for acceptance by the panel. Acceptance criteria will be on relevance and innovation, and we welcome real life, case studies.


Market overview & industry trends

  • Geo-Political Risks and & Overseas Competition

  • Electrical Steel Market: Drivers, Challenges, Supply and Opportunities

Diversity & inclusion in the industry

  • Inspirational Stories | Case Studies from Industry Leaders

  • Insights into What a More Diverse Workforce Can Mean for Your Organisation

  • Development and Implementation of New Initiatives Promoting a More Inclusive Sector

  • Inspirational Stories: How to Foster and Encourage a More Inclusive Sector

Thermal domain: New challenges and opportunity with electrification

  • WLTP vs Real Vehicle Range
  • Emission Norms, The Future of ICE And Impact on Thermal Supply
  • Smart Heat Pumps and Integrated Thermal Modules: Increased Complexity, Reduced Packaging
  • Fuel cell thermal components

Transformers market trends & innovations

  • Transformer Market Sizing and Growth

  • Forecast the Infrastructure Developments: Globally and Regionally

  • Eco Design Transformers: European Commission Requirements

  • How Can Transformers Improve the Grid? Renewable Energy and Smart Grid

  • New Technologies, Components and Service Digitalisation

  • Innovation of Transformer Oils: Gas to Liquid Technologies

  • Mineral Oil Alternatives- Ester • Solid- State Transformers (SSTs)

  • Digital | Smart Transformers

Climate change: environmental concerns regarding emissions

  • What the Fit For 55 Legislation Package Means for the Industry and to Europe: Become the First Climate- Neutral Continent by 2050
  • The Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Directive (Afid) In the EU and Other Governments: Roll- Out Plans and Evaluate the Challenges and Opportunities
  • How Decarbonisation and Emission Regulations are Changing the Powertrain Market. Delivering a Carbon Neutral Future:
    • Changes to the Powertrain Regarding its Main Components and Systems
    • Balance Between Innovation and Sustainability. o Successful Electrification Strategies
    • Suppliers' Strategies in Response to a Shifting Component Market
    • Strategies Followed by OEMs

Industry 4.0’s: key technologies & case studies

  • Practical Applications of Autonomous Robotics

  • Digital Manufacturing

  • Simulation Tools

  • Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality

  • Data Integration from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

  • Application of Industrial Internet of Things (Iot)

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) And Data-Driven Innovation

Electric drive train industry

  • Advancements in battery technologies
    • Battery Technologies: New Battery Chemistry and Designs. Longer Lifespans, Faster Charging, And High Energy Density
  • Software Integration and Connectivity
    • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with Powertrains for Optimization Purposes
    • Predict Maintenance Needs, Improve Overall Efficiency and Optimize Powertrain
  • Expansion of Charging Infrastructure
    • Building An Ecosystem for EV Charging (Private and Governmental Initiatives)
  • Sustainability and Recycling o Battery Disposal, Recycling and Reuse of Material to Reduce Its Impacts on the Environment

E- mobility: economic trends, strategies & industry overview

  • Insights into the Transformation Towards New Mobility Solutions: Strategies and Scenarios
  • Challenges for the Sector and How the Industry is Coping with all the Changing Requirements
  • Regulatory Impacts Carbon Footprint and Life-Cycle Assessment

Component innovations: performance, design and sustainability

  • Laser Methods to Support E-mobility

  • Hairpin Technologies for Traction Motors at Electric Vehicles

  • Technologies Rare Earth- Free for E- Mobility Motors

  • Motor Optimisation and Advanced Powertrain Technologies

  • Permanent Magnet Rotor Temperature Measurement for E- Motors  

Material innovation & advancements- magnets & technology applications

  • H•ight Tech Adhesives

  • Recycling of Rare Earth (re) Permanent Magnets (Based on Nd- Fe- B)

  • NdFeB /SmCo Dual Material Design for Cost Reduction and Secure Supply

  • Resins Capability to Offer Protection Against High Temperatures

  • Hydrophobic Epoxy Resin (HCEP)

  • New Magnet Wire, New Products at High Performance and Carbon Neutral

  • Advances in Additive Manufacturing (AM) and Tooling

  • Amorphous Metals Driving Materials and Process Innovations

  • Measurement and Tooling Materials

  • Magnet Bonding Rotor Success Stories

  • Applications for systems integrators

Motor & drive systems

  • High–Efficiency Motor Drive Architecture

  • Adjustable Speed Drives Part Load Efficiency

  • Apply Magnetic Sensors into Specialty Motors

  • Insulation Technologies Development and Innovation

  • Innovative cooling/ heating architectures

  • Thermal and Electrical lifetime test on insulation systems

  • Bonding & Accelerating Technologies

  • BEV & FCEV Drivetrain (e-axles i.e 400V/ 800 V/48V)

  • E- Drive Transmission Concepts (Lay -Shaft & Coaxial| Single and Multi- Speed Transmissions| High- Speed Transmissions)

  • Electric Motors:

    • Axial Flux and Radial Flux Machine

    • New motor technologies

    • Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PSM)

    • Externally Excited Synchronous Electric Motor (EESM)

    • Asynchronous Machine (ASM)

    • Model Based Design (MBD) o Motor Winding Technologies

  • Power Electronics:

    • Si/SiC Inverters

    • Integrated Power Electronics

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