The Global Coil Winding And Electrical Manufacturing Event

Venue Services

Venue Services

The onsite Messe Berlin Business Centre offers exhibitors and visitors use of photocopiers, printers and PCs. The Centre also has analog, ISDN / LAN Internet access. Exhibitors/visitors are able to plug in their own laptops. Please note that there is a charge applicable for these services.

A German and English secretarial service is available.

The Business Centre is located at “Gro├čer Stern”. The Centre is opens two days prior to the exhibition and is open for the duration. The opening hours are 08:00 – 18:00.

Our official catering supplier is Capital Catering. For all stand catering and hospitality catering, please contact Capital Catering.

Please visit the online catering service here to order stand catering.

The deadline to order is Thursday 11th April 2024. After this date, there may be an additional surcharge and limited availability of offerings.

If you would prefer to contact directly, please see the below details:

  • Contact: Mutlu Turac Email: [email protected]

  • Phone number: +49 30 3038 2993

  • Website:

Please note, there are limited catering outlets open during the build up and breakdown periods.

There is a cloakroom located in the South entrance of the building.

There will be a charge of €3 per coat and €5 for a bag or luggage.

Please contact the Organiser's Office onsite in the instance of any lost or found items.

Should you require a private area to entertain clients and hold meetings, please contact the Messe Berlin for costs and availability.

Please note, this will be subject to Organiser approval. The organisers recommend that any networking is held on the show floor.

Waste disposal must be performed by the exhibitor or their appointed representative in accordance with the waste facilities ordered. The appropriate measures for the separation of recyclable materials must be carried out. Substances which could cause a health risk or contamination of water, such as oils, paints or emulsions, must not be discharged into the sewage system.

You can order suitable waste disposal containers and sacks for a variety of waste, the prices of these include collection and disposal. For the collection and disposal of waste during the exhibition, the filled sacks should be sealed and placed in front of the stand.

Exhibitors will be invoiced for any waste not disposed of by the Messe Berlin. If you are using contractors, please ensure that your contractor clears their waste (in accordance with the German laws on the environment) before leaving.

We are a sustainably focused company and therefore require exhibitors to take care of their own rubbish in a sustainable way as much as it is feasibly practicable.

Please contact Capital Services to order your waste containers. You can download these forms and view costs via the website. Scroll to the bottom of the page to ‘Venue Forms’.

Exhibitors and suppliers can only enter the trade fair grounds for assembly and disassembly work after registering with the system and pre-booking a loading zone.

Loading zones can be booked via the following link:

The first step on this portal is to “Sign up” with the system. You can then to “Log in”. To book a loading zone, you must first register for the respective event in the “Upcoming events” menu. To do this, you need the Event code - UcvdX.

After registering for the respective event, you can book a time slot for the loading zone in the “Registered events” menu.

To ensure smooth traffic flows during assembly and dismantling, it is essential that you observe the entry regulations set out in the Traffic Guide.

Loading zones

  • Vehicle access during assembly and disassembly procedures are only permitted if a loading zone has been booked in advance
  • A fixed service fee of € 15.00 + VAT is charged per hour


Questions on loading zone bookings:
T.: +49 30 3038 4334
E-mail: [email protected]

General traffic service hotline:
T.: +49 30 3038 4888

Please note further information and booking information will be sent to all exhibitors in March.